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Why a tattoo can be a resemblance of your life

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

When it comes to getting a tattoo today, many people choose something that has a meaning. In the past, it was common for someone to walk into a Fort Worth tattoo artist and simply review the tattoos they have on the wall. Something might resonate, or a design might simply come across as cool. Today, though, many people go down the route of choosing a tattoo that can actually be a story of their life.

For example, it is common for parents to get their children tattooed on their bodies. Arms and torsos are common places for this. It could be a photo of the children as babies or something that signifies them. If your child was called Rose, for example, then a rose would make a pretty standard place to start. Anyone walking into a tattoo shop in Fort Worth, though, will need to have a clear idea of what they want.

While you could simply flip through the book and look for something you think looks cool, tattoos mean more when they have a clear purpose. Why, then, can a tattoo be a resemblance to your life so far?

Pictures can tell a special story

If you have been through something quite momentous in life, such as overcoming an illness, having

something to remark on that occasion could make sense. It would be something that you can always

point to as proof that you have overcome a huge obstacle.

These tattoo designs can be just what you are looking for if you want to try and add a bit of extra

personality to your body. Now, when someone asks you why you have a certain tattoo, you can easily

explain the story that comes with it.

Show off your pride

Another factor that comes from having a tattoo designed specifically for you is it can show your pride in something. Again, it could be something like overcoming an illness or having children. It could be

something like a little signifier of how long you have been married.

Your story is just that – your story. As such, you should be looking to always show some pride in where you have come from. It could even be a signal of where you came from – then, you always have a way of showing where you started in life, and how you got to where you are now.

Wear your passions

Many people choose to get tattoos of things that have emotional significance to them. For example, some will choose to go down the route of things like sports teams they love. It could be something as overt as the team's badge/logo, or it could be something associated with the team. For example, a Dallas Mavericks fan might choose to go for something like a horse, which makes up part of the club badge.

If you ever wonder ‘what could I get from a tattoo shop near me? What designs work?’ then think about your life. Your personality. The things you love. The events and passions that make you who you are. You could represent these vital parts of your personality simply through body

artwork. If you are keen to show off who you are and how you got to where you are, why not use a tattoo to mark the occasion?

Visit a Fort Worth tattoo artist, and get something that shows the world who you are. It’s easier

than having to repeat your life story, anyway!

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